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Greetings & Peace in the name of Lord Jesus!


I am chairman of Gospel Flame Ministry in Pakistan. My name is Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar. I am 24 years old. I [am] baptized with water and filled with Holy Spirit. Our Gospel Flame Ministry [is] serving in Faisalabad/Pakistan. We are running this ministry on faith and self support. Faisalabad is 3rd largest city of Pakistan. Faisalabad being the third biggest city having a population figure of 8,429,547. Faisalabad city is surrounded with rural and backwards areas. Many peoples are working on [Bhatta] where peoples make bricks. They are earning money on daily wages. Due to this reason many peoples can’t get formal education in schools. In Faisalabad literacy ratio is very low and most of peoples are uneducated. Most of peoples do not know about gospel because here majority of non-believers peoples. As you know our ministry is serving in Pakistan. We know better our society from others peoples who are not living in our society. Many evangelism ministries have misconceptions about Pakistani peoples. They think! in Pakistan all peoples are involved in terrorist activity. But it is not true. As a servant of the Lord Jesus I want to tell you Pakistani peoples are very simple and hospitable. Many peoples want to learn about gospel and want to become true believers but due to the lack of resources we are unable to reach to these areas people.

Request for Evangelism service:

We have visited your website. No doubt your ministry working day & night for the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Gospel Flame Ministry is inviting your evangelism team in Pakistan for revival of the gospel. As your evangelism team reaching to unreached peoples and organizing evangelism activities. My desire is please come in Pakistan and evangelize Non-believers peoples. Who don’t have faith in Jesus Christ. I believe you will save millions souls in the name of Jesus Christ. Many peoples will accept Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord and they will get salvation through your evangelism program. For this purpose, I would request to you! Please organize your evangelism program in Pakistan and evangelize our non-believers community. We are living among these nations Muslims, Hindu, Sikh. We will support your evangelism programs voluntarily. In our society dire need of evangelism. We will host your evangelism team and take care of them. We will ensure your security.

Targeted Areas:

Dawood Colony, Rasool Park, Yousafabad, Marriamabad, Maskinabad, Madina Town. We wish your evangelism team come in these targeted areas and evangelize these peoples. I believe God will do miracle in our society through your participation. If you are agree to evangelize non-believers of these areas people who never heard the word of God. Please contact us. I will wait your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar.

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Gospel Flame Ministry
Chak No, 214 R-B Dawood Colony St# 1 P# 3 Faisalabad/Pakistan.
Tel: +92-308-6651634/+92-333-6598457.